Our drive from Port Headland to Lake Argyle


A bit of fishing off the two story jetty at Port Headland, the tides change so much a lower level is necessary. Then along the 80 mile beach with a few stops & some amazing shells and a sunset along the beach.


Broome has palm trees, frangipani trees, amazing shells, sunsets and beaches! & you can swim at the beach croc free which Jasper enjoyed a lot! This is the type of place you gaze into each others eyes during the sunset. After the sunset at Cable Beach we headed to the other side and watched the moon rise over the ocean.

Derby is where we learnt about the Wanjina. The Mowanjum people have amazing artwork of their spiritual wandjina, the Wandjina is the surpreme creator and is the oldest continuous sacred painting. The people are extremely grateful to have had the Wandjina with them throughout the days when they went through the unimaginable, they continued their paintings and always knew where they were from. Wandjinas have big eyes, but no mouth, they can’t pass judgement. Some rock art sites are dated back at 20000 years. Derby was sad to visit with such a sad history and sites still around town of what happened in those sad days. And now this area is full with people of the communities that have been closed. The Wandjina was such a happy thing to see in such a sad area.

On the way to Fitzroy Crossing we saw some amazing boab trees! Up to Geikie Gorge National Park we went on a walk but the footpath had no footprints along it, just snake tracks everywhere, we didn’t see any tho. Another thing we looked out for when getting to the Gorge was Crocs! Is that a log on the other side? I’m not sure if it was there before? That log next to it wasn’t there before was it? They look a lot like logs! Binoculars out and we spotted our first wild crocs! Wow!
We went on to see the Ngumban cliffs and on to Mary Pool free camp where we got a nice spot near the river, a little scary at night not knowing where the crocs were hiding.

Halls Creek, not too far from Wolfe Creek. Wish I didn’t watch it. A drive out to ‘China Wall’ a natural wall. Then to Spring Creek where we couldn’t see any croc signs but a few people with their legs in the water so Jasper had a quick swim.

Wyndham had an amazing Lookout and at the top a man said “just a quick question, were you guys on the Great Ocean Road in March?” “Yes, that was us!” Then we remembered spotting Koalas with them! “You’ve been on the road all this time? Half your luck” he said. They’ve been back home in Canberra and are escaping the cold! We went down to the Jetty and Jasper is still unsure why we won’t let him swim in some places 🐊 the grotto on the way back down, croc free refreshingly cold water Jasper LOVED. We tried to teach him a lesson for walking to far in front and hid from him, he found us pretty quick just looking down the Gorge from the top, bad hiding spot! On to Kununurra we had amazing views of the sunset over the town and ranges. Some local children tried to claim Jasper as their own dog.

We discovered Lake Argyle and it was amazing as the sun came up!


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