Goodmorning Bali! Some very excited family waiting for us at the airport. With not much sleep from finally getting in the air then being told we are descending an hour before landing then lights coming on long before the necessary. We stopped in at KFC for a mid night snack on the way to the hotel. A choice of rice or chips with your burger. After a nap we were up again for our first Bali day after a trip to Denpasar a whole coconut for $1.50. We went shopping in poppies lane, never have we said ‘No thank you’ so many times in our lives “tidak, terima kasih” “tidak, terima kasih” “oh, Tidak terima kasih, it is very nice but I still don’t need another shirt like the one I’m wearing”. We did buy some things because I loved almost everything. I soon learnt not to really express how much I wanted things if I wasn’t committed to buying it. That night we spent on the beach relaxing on beanbags as we listened to a band while we had dinner and some more Coconut flavoured drinks 🌴 then a $15 hour long coconut oil massage.

We saw squirrels and had a tourist moment as we stopped to watch them and take photos. We saw the massive statues at GWK cultural park. Then views of Pandawa Beach.



At the holy cliff temple Uluwatu we saw some amazing views of the ocean below the cliffs. Then we saw monkeys, James was excited to see monkeys, he sat with them until the big guy wanted more food and jumped at James grabbing his temple skirt 😂



We then watched another sneaky monkey hiding behind a pole where everyone was passing. He sat looking so innocent until a passer by was unaware he was there he just reached out and took her hat. Her first mistake was showing him she had a whole bag of snacks but was only willing to give him a few nuts then attempt to get the hat back.. his big teeth came out and she almost had herself rabies instead of a hat. A worker then came and threw the monkey a snack bar, monkey dropped the hat and headed down the cliff with his snack. That’s a nice arrangement he has, I’m sure he’ll be back to swap more personal belongings for a snack again.


Pandang Pandang beach, no surfing on but an amazing ocean swim.


With the different experiences they offer in Bali we walked along window shopping, my favourite ring I’ve seen. Dog patting. Then to the ladyboy show, interesting.


We did more shopping and more drinking coconuts on the beach.





Lunch overlooking the water in Senur & the kids went on the jet skis in Nusa Dua while I collected some rubbish for the bin then floated in the ocean.


The saddest part of Bali was the rubbish everywhere and plastic in the ocean. The best part was visiting the Bali Sea Turtle Society and releasing the baby turtles into the ocean. The turtles lay along the busy beach and they are hoping for a better success rate taking them to a safer place to hatch. We watched Waitui Vonu, Titan, Johnson, Myron & Kura swim into the ocean popping their heads up and ducking under waves. Good luck out there little buddies.


Starting the day the way it should be, we floated in the ocean before heading out. Up into the mountains to check out Bedugul Temple in the fog, a dear like creature, payed 20c to go to the toilet, we found an older coconut to eat, we found a chocolate factory, Jus found his toxic smelling durian fruit to eat, passed the rice fields & back down the mountain into the craziness.


Another morning in the Ocean then up the mountains to the amazing Gaye and Gus’ home amongst the jungle with views of the volcano, far away from the chaos. We saw a different side of Bali a nice and calm place with coconut trees. We had a feast of a variety of delicious home cooked Indonesian foods. Some great company in an amazing place.


Arrived back home and feel like bartering with Woolworths because the coconuts cost too much.



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